It’s that time of year again! Black Friday / Cyber Monday comes around just before Christmas and although you promised yourself that you weren’t going to spend any money on yourself this month until you’ve purchased everyone else’s Christmas presents, all your wages have disappeared in one weekend of mediocre sales and 20% discounts. I have a love/hate relationship with my addiction (and I mean addiction) to spending: I love waking up in the morning to the sound of the postman dropping off yet another parcel, but I hate the reality that said parcel consumed valuable money that I know could have been spent better elsewhere, like my energy bills.

That being said, the love outweighs the hate and parcels are still arriving from a weekend of splurging. If it felt good at the time that’s all that matters, right? As always with online shopping, there were both disappointments and triumphs. Here are my favourite products that I splurged on this Black Friday!


Quickly becoming a cult beauty brand, Glossier has recently launched shipping to the UK! Hooray! I was so excited to try this brand, not only because the extremely minimalist packaging is an aesthetic I can definitely get behind, but the entire ethos of the brand interested me. I’ve got to the point where I don’t wear makeup unless I’m going “out out”, because I don’t even know how to get a semi-natural look with the products I own; dark contours, multi-coloured eyeshadows and super-matte lipsticks just aren’t going to do it. Glossier is boldly disputing the idea that everyone needs to look the same, by creating a line of makeup that accentuates your real facial features, rather than helping you paint on new ones.

I decided to purchase the Phase 2 Set as my first-time Glossier order. This included Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer and a Generation G “sheer matte lip” all in shades of your choice. This set retails at £35 (saving you £8) and I enjoyed an additional 20% off this price on Black Friday. Perhaps it’s the marketing student in me coming to light, but there’s nothing more satisfying than products arriving in packaging that makes you enthused about the brand; packaging worth an Instagram Story. I adored the packaging the products arrived in: a reusable white box with a pink bubble wrap bag, glossier stickers and an information card about the products.

Glossier Phase 2 Set

Boy Brow is my new obsession! The tiny brush emphasises the individual hairs on your eyebrows- a look I have tried to obtain with other products but failed, always ending up with overfilled brows. Be careful not to overdo it though or you will end up with very firm, sticky brows… I made this mistake when I was enjoying the brush a lil too much.

Glossier Boy Brow

I applied Stretch Concealer with a small concealer brush and it glided on like an absolute dream providing light to medium coverage, perfect for a little daytime brightening. “Stretch” is incredibly true to the product: it’s so flexible and takes very little work to brush or dab across your face.

As for the Generation G matte lip, this is the perfect product for a natural day-time hint of colour which I purchased in shade “Leo” which gives a sheer light brown finish. Glossier is definitely not going to be the brand you wear for a night out, but I’ve never been so satisfied with products giving me that natural day-time makeup look that can be so hard to obtain. If you have tried any Glossier products, I’d love to hear which ones you liked so I can get my next order in ASAP!


This arrived today and I am HIGH key obsessed. In fact, I’ve spent the majority of my day trying out different looks, spamming news feeds, the works! Let’s begin with the fact that Morphe have truly gone in with this palette. Here is a comparison with my (former) favourite Morphe 35C palette.


That size and packaging upgrade!!! The palette contains 18 small matte shades, 7 large matte shades and 14 metallic shades so it is perfect for creating loads of different looks without venturing away from this palette. What I love the most is the 7 large transitions shades- a lifesaver if you always hit the  pan a little to quickly on the transitions shades like myself. These 7 shades range from a pale nude to a deeper brown which I feel makes it an inclusive and gorgeous palette for all skin tones! I did experiment with these shades as a bronzer earlier, because why not? They’re a little too pigmented for a natural looking glow but they could certainly be put to use for a chiselled contour.

The shadows are a lot more pigmented than my 35C shadows where I tend to build up to a strong vibrant finish. As for the metallics, a little spray of Mac fix plus on your brush and these are KILLER. This palette retails for £32 which I think is incredibly well priced for the number of eyeshadows, the variety of looks obtainable from the one palette and the quality of each eyeshadow! Morphe forever! P.s you will also get free shipping as it is over £30. Tempted yet?

My only critique of the palette is that the vibrancy of the colours has faded a little over the last few hours and the metallic turquoise on the inner corner of my eye has fallen a little. I am inclined to blame this on the fact that I forgot to use setting spray today, so no shade. I tried out a bit of a hack-job of a look when the palette first arrived- incredibly rushed and nothing to write home about but it did give me a really good feel for the variety of shades available.

In the picture above my eyebrows have only been lightly brushed through with Boy Brow. As you can see, it is perfect for emphasising the individual hairs in your brow and create a naturally full brow look!


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