I’m back! You or may or may not have noticed that I took my blog down for a few weeks. New year, new blog and all that. I’ve been getting so impatient and am just itching to write again so, wallah, here is my new site- not quite complete but getting there! When I wrote my 2017: lessons about personal identity blog I reflected on how I felt like I was learning much more about myself in 2017, building a relationship with myself and finding things that incite happiness in my life. I suppose this new found period of my life is very much still ongoing, and with that came a little bit of restlessness when it comes to the whole blogging game. Blogging started as a hobby but I quickly realised the opportunities that having a blog provides, but I felt stuck in a rut not getting to the place I wanted to be. If you ever try it out, you’ll realise that blogging is a lot more complex than you’d ever imagine when you start! So never underestimate how much work those top bloggers are putting in on the daily. Honestly, I think i’ll always feel a little restless in this field- there’s always something more to achieve, one achieved goal forever leading to the creation of another more challenging one. As is life. The downside with trying to blog “seriously” is that you quickly begin putting yourself in a box and I became frustrated and simultaneously obsessed with the concept of a “personal brand” (spurred on by studying a marketing degree, no doubt) and it was taking the fun out of blogging. Everything was becoming a lot more complicated: does this post work with my “target market”? Does this instagram picture fit in with my theme? Will I put people off my blog by talking so openly about certain things? These questions are important to really make it in the blogging world. But I’ve quickly realised that an organic following is a lot more important to me. So I’m back, and there’s a certain irony that I’ve put my title name in a big black box at the top of the site, because I’m certainly not confining myself to that box anymore. I’m not here to be a fashion blog nor a lifestyle one, nor a fitness health or beauty one. I love writing, and I’m not going to not write about something I care about because it doesn’t fit in with a “brand” that I personally don’t care to have. I’m an erratic, hyper, inconsistent person- to have a blog thats theme is precise and clear cut would simply not be representative of me! So welcome to my new site, have a look around, subscribe if you would like (I would appreciate it, a lot!) and I hope to be writing a lot more so stay tuned.

On a final note, I felt that it was only fitting as I write this post on my new site, to debut my new haircut which a very hungover version of myself went and got this morning. I visited Mesart in Finnieston, Glasgow for the first time where the wonderful Jack Baxter helped me give in to my quarter life crisis and chop my hair off! Honestly, I went in fully prepared to hate the result, but knowing that I needed a change regardless. But I’m delighted with the results- a, quite literal, weight off my shoulders. Here are some pics from the obligatory post haircut photoshoot. Having short hair feels super exciting so I obviously got a little carried away with the camera. What do you guys think? In these pics I’m wearing this pigment foundation stick and this contour kit, both of which I purchased recently and am absolutely loving. No filter needed, it’s a miracle!



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