Hello again. I’m not sure what happened; I feel like I went to bed swamped with uni work, snow still falling in Glasgow and woke up in the middle of Spring with all my classes over for another year and summer officially on the horizon. I’m back home for Easter, and it’s safe to say I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. Life is a strange thing, because one minute you think you have everything figured out- you know exactly where it’s going, what you’ll more or less be doing in ten years, who you’ll be spending it with, and so on. And then in the blink of an eye everything changes, and you have no idea where you’ll be or who you’ll be with next week let alone in ten years time. The concept of being unsure about my future would have terrified me last year. Seriously- it would have riddled me with anxiety. I was fully strapped in to my comfort zone with absolutely no ambition to take my seatbelt off for even two seconds.

In the past month a lot in my life has changed. I came out of a long-term relationship, on good terms with no bad blood- a simple, mature agreement that we aren’t on the same path anymore and could probably get more out of life separately than we could together in the end. Well, isn’t that just the most confusing scenario to be in though? You can’t really be mad, you’re not filled with bitter hate and loathing, you don’t care to burn the pictures and cry to Taylor Swift for a week. So what do you do? It certainly hasn’t been reminiscent of any previous breakup experience I have had, and in many ways that’s also highlighted the scary truth that I really am growing up. Yep, no Carrie Underwood slash the tires moments to be seen here.

So, in this surprisingly undramatic turnaround of events in my life, i’ve truly realised how exciting the “unknown” actually can be. I can do whatever I want, be any version of myself and do it unapologetically, for myself and only for myself (and I can actually mean it this time… because I know I rambled on about how i’d actually found myself before). It’s weird to get out of a relationship as I go into my final year of university. It seems everyone elses lives are coming together for the long-term, and i’m right back at square one. It creates a pressure to have things “figured out” and being single can seem like you’re “behind” everyone else. But this really isn’t the case at all. I am 21… twenty-one! Sometimes I can not even believe how young I actually am. We spend so much time rushing to grow up that we forget to savour these precious final moments of our youth. My eyes are open to the interesting minds all around me and i’m so excited to just enjoy every single moment that I’m in and stop freaking out about the future, who cares!


In another, more fashion related note, it’s also that time of the year when I find outfit picking to be incredibly complex. The long evenings have arrived, but it is still bloody freezing outside. I recently saw one of my all time favourite bloggers (the first I ever followed, in fact) boss the cardigan-as-a-top trend and I just had to try it. You can check her out here. This is such a good way to take a winter piece and style it for the ever so slightly warmer weather. Unfortunately I cannot find this H&M cardigan anywhere online- or these earrings, jeans or sunglasses! But my trusty Topshop boots can still be bought for a delightful £45. I have also linked some other cardigans and rounded sunglasses right here for some transitional dressing inspiration!




BLACK       BLUE         PINK



  1. Shannon
    April 6, 2018 / 5:03 pm

    I actually love reading these! You seriously have a talent for expressing exactly how you think and feel down in words. LOVEEEE

    • admin
      April 7, 2018 / 11:22 am

      Aw thank you so much lovely!! Glad you enjoyed xx

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