It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But not if it’s exactly 11 days until Christmas and you still haven’t wrapped up (pun not intended) your Christmas shopping yet, it’s okay, I haven’t started! When it comes to Christmas present shopping I’m actually useless- not because I can’t think of anything to buy people, but rather I always end up wanting the presents for myself. I know I know, it’s meant to be the “season of giving” and all that.

Here are some suggestions for anyone who is struggling to shop- some of them I have received myself in the past and have loved so much, so I can truly vouch for them! My favourite presents always end up being those little additions that you would never think of buying yourself but end up totally obsessed with! A little black clutch bag from my best friends and a collection of Roald Dahl short stories from my boyfriend are now some of my most cherished items, so never underestimate the importance of those extras. I’ve included items that range from about £70 down to around £20, so if you’re struggling with the main event or the “little extras” this could be of some use! Merry season of giving!


Seriously- if you know her favourite album you’re already gaining points. I think this is a great gift because everyone loves music, so who wouldn’t appreciate the sound of their favourite song playing on a crackling record player? With the addition of a carefully selected vinyl album, this gift can be incredibly personal! The following two are on sale in Urban Outfitters for £70 or less!

Black                                 Lilac Holographic 


Everybody loves going out for cocktails. Honestly, it’s one of my favourite past-times: an excuse to socialise with friends, wear something a little nicer and drink alcohol that actually tastes good. Despite working in a bar, I also still LOVE making cocktails. What’s better than making them in your own home? My fab sister gifted me a Tipple Box for my 21st and it was honestly such a fun novel gift to have! You can choose from a range of cocktail types (a set will usually make two different ones). Perfect for a night in the flat, experimenting with new drinks and getting to create them yourself! Price range: £24-35/


Team it with a cute cocktail maker kit for the legitimate bartender experience! This splatter effect one is on sale at Urban Outfitters for £15.99. Buy it here.



New underwear just makes a woman feel sexy, simple! Here are my picks. These baby pink velvet Calvin Klein’s are top of my wish-list (Ciaran, if you’re reading this).

Alternatively, the black and white set is currently 30% off on ASOS as is this gorgeous embroidered set– be quick!


The options when buying makeup as a gift are endless! A lot of makeup brands are bringing out holiday collections and whilst some are ridiculously expensive ($360 makeup brushes, really Kylie?), some brands have brought out great holiday gift options. Here are two of my faves: a mini lipstick kit and a glitter pigment kit, both from MAC and a pretty reasonably priced “little extra” at £25 for a kit.


Nope, you don’t have to fork out hundreds of pounds to get your girl some Gucci. Gucci’s new perfume “Bloom” is on sale at Debenhams for £64.80 (limited time offer). It smells beautiful, the packaging is beautiful, and it comes with a mini travel perfume as well. Smiles all around!



So not everyone is into reading, but most people can appreciate a good “coffee table book”- those books that add a little more of an instagram-worthy edge to any coffee table. Yes, it’s a real thing. Pick a book that reflects something they’re really into! I was gifted Alexa Chung’s book “IT” (nope, not about a killer clown) and Humans of New York, both of which have been a consistent feature on our coffee table.



So guys, that is my round-up of present ideas for this year! A lot of these items have been things that I have received in the past that I’ve absolutely loved: Gucci perfume and a Tipple Box for my 21st, Calvin Klein’s for Christmas and Alexa Chung’s book when I was much younger. I find that the key to buying great Christmas presents is picking those things that everybody would love to have, but would never think (or bother) to buy themselves! I hope everybody has a great Christmas- bye! x

SIDE NOTE: These presents are cool for everybody and are in no way exclusively female. Based on boring blogger tasks like search engine optimisation, I felt a “gift guide for her” categorisation would be the best based on what people are googling around this time of year x (Disclaimer: some of the links posted above are affiliate links meaning, at no extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission for purchases).



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