I have to admit, this October hasn’t been half as hype as it usually is, and that I can put down to a lot of uni work. A hell of a lot of uni work, in fact. Oddly enough, one of my marketing assignments this year is running a blog. Whilst the whole thing is becoming a bit tedious now (especially with that 300 word limit), the assignment reminded me just how much I do love blogging! I’m really hoping to let myself get back into it and get out of the mindset that everything I write has to be a lengthy, researched piece of journalism. What better way to start than with a quick and light-hearted October favourites? Here we go.

Puffer Jackets

This is the first year the puffer jacket has truly grown on me and now I’m kicking myself for not adopting this trend sooner! My favourite thing about the puffer scene this year is the variety in styles: fur, velvet, cropped, incredibly oversized, and no where is doing it quite as well as Urban Outfitters. I recently bought a beige corduroy puffer from them, and I’ve worn it pretty much everyday since.

Pumpkin Spice… I know it’s basic. 

Repeat, I know it’s basic. Bailey’s has recently launched a Pumpkin Spice flavoured version of my favourite drink ever. Although I haven’t yet tried this, I thought it deserved a place on the list because of how perfectly seasonal it is and how good it is 100% guaranteed to be. If anyone knows where I can find this in Glasgow, PLEASE, enlighten me.


American Vandal

For anyone who loves a good Netflix documentary, but also needs those light-hearted shows for when your brain just isn’t in high gear… here is the ultimate documentary/comedy hybrid. I began this series with low expectations, but I was very quickly engrossed. I watched the whole season in a couple of days. I had to know who drew the dicks.

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser by Lush 

Perhaps it’s a little premature to be putting this product on a “favourites” list, especially considering the fact that I tried it for the first time today. That being said, it was love at first sight (or more accurately, feel) for this cleanser. Made with beeswax and rose water, the label claims that this is the Lush founder’s “No.1 Desert Island Product” and I could quickly see why. It is ridiculously smooth and creamy and my skin is glowing after applying it. All being well, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning with silky smooth, hydrated skin, and then this product may well be my no.1 desert island necessity too.


Females of Pop

Not only has Dua Lipa become my ultimate girl crush and wardrobe envy, she has also released a ridiculously good debut album. If you want something fun and upbeat that’s still pervaded with raw talent and all too relatable lyrics, Dua Lipa is your girl. Another album I have had on repeat is Jesse Ware’s latest release- Glasshouse.  This album is perfect for those Bridget Jones-esque nights: team it with a bottle ‘of wine and drown your sorrows to “Alone” or “Hearts”, or dance around your room to “Your Domino”. There’s a song for every mood!

Having A Workzone 

I recently invested in a white desk and chair from Amazon to coincide with getting a new laptop (finally joined the MacBook family, yipee!) for my birthday. What a great idea this was. There’s something so much more motivating about having your own chilled out workspace. I find myself sitting at my desk and wanting to be productive, and anyone who knows me can vouch for me that this truly is a groundbreaking revelation. Decorate your desk with things that make you happy whether it’s books, photos, plants or candles. A good workspace = a productive mind. My desk is currently decorated with fresh linen candles and a glass of wine, and my productivity levels are thriving. 

What have you guys been enjoying this month? Are there any products, shows, albums, foods or things I need to try? Comment below.


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